Are You Committed To The Process?

So . . . I called myself recommitting to ME for the month of August.

It sounded good in the beginning, until we got to the end of the first week of August.

I told myself that I would exercise 3-4 time a week. Honey, I kinda made it through the first week and could barely keep up in week 2.

Truth is, the idea of being healthy, having more energy and probably loosing a little bit of weight sounded good. I was committed to the thought of that.

What I realized was, I wasn’t committed to the process. Waking up a little early, working out even though I had a long night, working out when I had a bad day is a part of the process.

I had to remind myself that the reason why I’m doing this is bigger than the “goal”.

There is so much beauty in the process.

There’s so much to discover in the process.

But I didn’t like the process . . .

If you’re like me and have been struggling, here’s #BreesTop3 Ways to Remain Committed to the Process:

  1. Check your mindset: Where are you mentally? Like my girl Tee Strong Speaks says, “What’s your internal chatter?”

  2. What’s Your Intention: Do you have a Why? If you do, is your why superficial? What’s your reason for doing what you’re doing?

  3. Get Accountability: Find a friend (or two) that will keep you motivated and hold you accountable. Accountability has been my saving grace so many times.

I went into details on my morning walk. Watch the full video on YouTube here:

If you need a “gentle” nudge and need someone to chat with, click here to get a FREE 20 minute consult with me.

Remember, you have everything you need. Take what you have and make it what you want.

Let’s stay committed to the process even wen we don’t feel like it.