“SIMPLICITY is the ultimate sophistication.”  --Leonardo  da Vinci

I’ve been seeing this quote everywhere lately. Probably, because life has gotten a bit more complicated than I would want it to be. 

What are 3️⃣ areas in your life that you can simplify?

I’m working on the:

❌ Uncommitted

If It’s on my mind, I’m going to do it. I’m working on minimizing the “one day I will” excuse. 

❌ Unnecessary

If I don’t need it I’m getting rid of it. That includes people and stuff. If you follow me on Social Media you’ve seen my #BackpackChronicles (That’s an entirely different blog Y'all). Clutter of all sorts complicates life. Find a way to reduce it. 

❌ Uniformed

No more excuses about not knowing. Today is the day day to do the research and decide if it’s a yes or no. 

“I am choosing a life of #CONSCIOUS #SIMPLICITY to experience more #freedom.”
— #BreeSaidIt

In my current season, choosing a life of conscious simplicity looks like simple meals, walks outside, meditation, cooking & eating whole and delicious foods. I’m on a quest to find simple freedom.

Here are 3 ways you can effectively implement conscious simplicity in your life:


Start with the end in mind

2. Simple vs. perfect

Better to do it than remain in limbo. 

3. Establish a routine

Establishing a routine creates consistency. Consistency creates a habit. Good habits create success.


Conscious simplicity begins with a thought and ends with your actions.


I can't help but to leave you with some #AffirmationLifeWork . . .

What would a future scene in your life look like if it were simple?

What does simplicity mean to you?