Dear Me, 2019

Last week I learned to change my end goal to be effective instead of successful. If I’m effective that’s success.


I’m still processing everything that happened during the event.

I can’t express in words how it feels to have successfully poured into the lives of so many women during the #DearMe Masterclass. 🎤

This Masterclass has been on my heart for over a year.


Authentically + transparently sharing my story isn’t an easy feat.

The “Dear Me, ” letter started out in my book, I AM Thriving.

It’s an opportunity to transparently address your emotions without hesitation, restrictions or embarrassment. The feedback received from this letter was incredible.

It made me realize that so many people are silently battling with their emotions. You can’t see it. But it’s the truth.

Without a doubt I’m using what you can see to get you to what you cannot see.

I’m not the person that I used to be, but I’m still ME.

I’m not ashamed nor afraid of what I went through.

My experiences shaped ME.

Truth is it’s never about others it starts with you.

Same ME

New wisdom

Same ME

New Revelation

Same ME

New Power

Same ME

New Opportunities

Same ME

New Year


Thank you to all of these beautiful women for attending the DEAR ME. Masterclass.


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Dear Me,
You are Confident,
A Warrior +
— ShaBree Henry Ewusi