Why I'm Ditching my Goals and Making an #ACTIONPLAN


We’re in the last quarter of 2017 and you’re about to get bombarded with reminders to set your resolution, create a goal and make a fancy vision board. We’ve all had one or seen the best planners and vision boards. Big picture planning without creating action fades quickly for me. There’s been many years that were “new” but it was the same old me.

Before you roast me . . . I'll admit that I LOVE PLANNING, I LOVE VISION BOARDS + I LOVE SETTING GOALS! However, setting a goal should never replace action. No matter how disciplined you think you are, its important to set a goal that can be attained! 

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I’ve been using what I like to call my ACTION PLAN. Brilliant? Not really. Lol. Just practical. Nothing fancy. I promise. 

I know . . . the thought may be overwhelming, but goals can always be broken down to be more achievable. MAKE YOUR GOALS ACTIONABLE!


I broke down my big picture goals to the month, week and I even use daily plans. Basically, I reversed engineered it. By doing that, I’m able to achieve them. Told you it wasn’t fancy! 

All you NEED are practical steps towards getting the house, car, degree, etc.!

I’ve found that when I break down my goals to be able to take action, I can reward myself for making progress and catch my second wind. 

Long story short, an action plan is the not-so-obvious secret way to achieve your goals.

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Leave a comment below and let’s chat about how you’re taking ACTION.