THRIVE During the Holidays despite Grief + Loss

On September 23, 2008, my son turned three and I lost my mother— yes, on the same day. Within 6 months of losing my mother, I attended three funerals of close family friends, lost my baby cousin and the icing on the cake was when some family members turned their backs on me. My world as I knew it was pretty much upside down.

Death, grief + loss became real for me at 25 years old.

I grieved silently while struggling with my purpose for living for many years.

Processing my emotions about grief was hard (especially during the holidays). I lost my mother but I was also grieving the loss of family and my life as I knew it. Loss of any kind triggers grief.

The holidays was a tough time for me until I learned that I AM capable of THRIVING and creating MY new normal.

This holiday season I am taking the journey with you.

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I’m bringing back my infamous ‘Strategy Saturdays’! This time we’re talking Strategies to THRIVE During the Holidays despite Grief + Loss.

Let’s chat every Saturday until December 29 on my Facebook page around 9am est. (9ish ☺️).

In the meantime, here are three specific things that helped me thrive during the holidays despite my grief and loss.

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Need a few gifts-to-self (or others) that will help you get mentally prepared for your journey to thriving during the Holidays despite grief and loss? Make sure you check out Bree’s Top 3 Holiday Thrive Guide.

Today I Affirm: As I celebrate this holiday season, I’ll try my best to be gentle with myself + others. I’ll show genuine kindness, love + light in what is a dark time for so many of us.
— ShaBree Ewusi
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