#BreesTop3 2018 #Holiday Thrive Guide

Ready or not, the 2018 Holiday season is here! 🎁

In case you haven't heard, Microwavable Slippers are the viral gift that everyone's talking about this year 🧦 . . . yup, quick zap in the microwave leaves you with ultra-toasty slippers perfect for lounging at home, your chilly office, or for cold car rides to work. Lol. 😂I’m gonna leave that one, right there . . .  😂 😂

This year, why not give something that’s not just nice, but useful too? 🤔 I’m here for those that want to give meaningful gifts and aren’t trying to break the bank. 💯 🎁

I’m giving you #BreesTop3 practical and cost-effective things to add to your holiday shopping list.

#LetsTHRIVE through the Holiday’s into 2019!

#BreesTop3 2018 Holiday Thrive Guide

  1. The I AM Thriving T-Shirt, $20

Sometimes you need a visual. That’s exactly why I love this t-shirt. Every-time I wear it people stop me to read it. It’s a conversation starter and a good way to 'consciously (and ‘‘subconsciously”) remind yourself to THRIVE.

Order the I AM Thriving T-Shirt here.

2. I AM Thriving - The Book, $19.33

placeit (9).png

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. Having a bad day; write. Confused; write. Angry; write. There’s something cleansing about taking your thoughts from your head and putting it on paper. It frees the mind. This holiday season, I encourage you to free your mind.

I Am Thriving is a guided affirmation journal. In this book, I equip you with 33 strategies to command your day and frame your thoughts. After completing the journal you will have personalized AFFIRMATIONS that will help you navigate your life from a place of authority and THRIVE. You need this journal — especially in this season!

Order your copy of I AM Thriving on ShaBreeEwusi.com/books or Amazon.com.

3. The Action Plan - $35


A cute notebook, pens and gadgets are all nice things to give and receive as gifts. While everyone’s getting those things, why not get your life right with a real ACTION PLAN + strategy to THRIVE into 2019?

The Action Plan is a unique GOAL SETTING STRATEGY

It’s the not-so-obvious secret way to close the gap between your idea and accomplishing your goals.

The Action Plan Testiomial

In fact, Elizabeth says, The #ActionPlans are excellent for creating a framework so you can really see your goals taking shape before your eyes, and gather inspiration and the readiness you need for #WINNING!

Get the PDF version of The Action Plan here.

#LetsThrive into 2019

#BreesTop3 gifts are gifts that will keep on giving.