I Am Still Thriving!

In 3 words or less, what does THRIVE mean?

Webster says . . .




gerund or present participle: thriving

  1. grow or develop well or vigorously.

    "the new baby thrived"

  2. prosper; flourish.


It’s been one of those days.

Matter of fact, one of those weeks.

If I had it in me I would quit a lot of things.

Then I remember . . .




#IAmThriving even on my bad days. 

placeit (6).png

I had that talk with myself today.

Lean in to it and thrive Bree! 

I wrote this book specifically for days like this.

I wrote this book to help you (or me) command your day and frame your thoughts using word of affirmation.

your bad day thoughts . . .

I use affirmations as my anchor.

Affirmations are my anchor back to my intentions.

I said all of that to say, my life is a beautiful reflection of grace and Love.

How do you get your mind right after a bad day?

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I AM THRIVING even on my bad days.