Every holiday season for the last 10 years I found myself drowning in idealistic thoughts, hopes, fantasies and wishes of the perfect traditions, perfect families and what life used to be before my mother died. None of those thoughts, hopes, fantasies and wishes can make my life be what it used to be when she was here.

In my (over) thinking an Angel whispered to me, “LIFE IS THE GIFT!” 🎁

3 Things to Consider:

#1 Life is what you make it

I can keep on wishing for the fantasy or I can choose to embrace the new chapters of my journey. Create a new tradition. It’s your life. Do with it what you wish.

#2 Your Loved One Wants You to be Happy

Mom would never want me to be sad. She was full of joy and sprinkled happiness everywhere she went.

Choose joy.

Create new memories with those that you love today.

#3 You are Here for a PURPOSE!

You are alive for a reason. Your destiny continues.

💔 😢🎄 If you’re grieving on Christmas day remember— LIFE IS THE GIFT! 🎁