My Sacred Space

I AM my sacred space.






I AM that!  

I AM everything I want others to be to me! 

I love my high moments. 

I cringe in the lows. 

I clap,  I twirl + I jump for joy to celebrate me. 

I understand my journey. 

Every step makes sense to me. 

It’s my sacred space.

I stand tall as I pull the curtain back + unveil the masks of my life . . . No judgement.  

I get it. 

My sacred space. 

I yearn for opportunities to transform.

I’m standing at the gates of my life shouting, “Yo Bree! You’re growing!” 

Oooooooo that’s my sacred space. 

I’m sitting in my mess.

Mess is relative.

In this context, my messy mess includes the highs, lows and even the uncertain times. 

Whatever man . . . It’s my sacred space.  

Whatever it takes to be me it’s my sacred space. I AM sitting in it. 

No pretense. 

I love me.

I love my journey. 

I love my lows. They fuel my passion to transformation.  

My sacred space.  

I love my highs. They’re evidence that healing, growth + transformation is possible.

My sacred space is all of me.  

I love you but you don’t complete me.  

I AM complete in my sacred space.  

my light shines from within
my ability to love me is sacred
I hold the keys to my sacred space
only I can complete ME
. . . so I AM complete in my sacred space  
— ShaBree Ewusi

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