My Thrive Retreat Experience

I'm still in awe at A Thrive Retreat!

What's A Thrive Retreat? A Thrive Retreat is the #1 Virtual Retreat of the summer. 

This retreat was designed for those that want to be restored from burnout, empowered with unique and sustainable strategies to take action and be inspired to thrive in their everyday lives.

Attendees met online for 3 days of deep inner work that led to



#Empowerment to #Thrive

Attendees learned from world class teachers in personal + business development to take THRIVE on your way to the next level.


The feedback that I've received has been tremendously humbling!

Elizabeth said, "I really do feel that miracles have begun to take over my life for the better. The action plan works! I will continue in with it every step of the way."

Godfrey said, "It was a true pleasure to have your help with goal setting and planning for the future! "
Orencia said, "This was a much-needed retreat for me. Yes, it was virtual but it was power packed with speakers who all brought their own flare and necessary tools to help each participant regroup, recharge, and forge ahead to their desired future. Each attendee was at different levels in life but we all walked away with what we needed to begin again on this journey call life. ShaBree is not content with letting her attendees get the tools but she walks you through the application of the required steps. You must to do the work and she helps you finish the work."

Elder Carmen said, "Words cannot express my experience and aftereffects of the #AthriveRetreat! ShaBree did a phenomenal job of bringing together the #AThriveRetreat and Speakers. It has forever changed my life and mindset!"

Each attendee showed up, stepped outside of their comfort zone and did the life work to spark change and growth in their lives. 

The transformation that continues to happen is unmatched!


This image is a screenshot from the #lifework video of one of our attendees. Although many had reservations about certain things. They’re all doing the work to overcome hindrances from thriving.

There’s no way to put the entire experience into words. If you missed the first one, I'm giving you the heads up. 

The next retreat will be on November 8 - 10, 2018.

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In the next few weeks some of the attendees will be sharing their retreat experience.

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If you're ready for a total life transformation you cannot afford to miss the next one! You owe it to yourself. You are worthy of your dreams. 

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Remember, you have everything that you need, so take what you have and make it what you want.