This is how you rewrite your story . . .

News flash —> You are the author of your story!

Truth is, the first few chapters of our stories are written for us. We had no control over the family, community or cultures that we were born into. Eventually we gain awareness, begin making decisions and choices, consequently collaborating as a co-author in our own life.

I don’t know about you, but I blamed everyone else for the things that happened to me. At no point did I take responsibility for how I responded. I made my story be about what others did. Can you relate? It wasn’t until I took responsibility and became active in my own life did I see things turn around for me.


I took back the pen and paper and said; I AM the author and I AM going to rewrite my own story. Here’s how I did that:

➖ Know your triggers

What bothers you? What annoys you? What’s s the thing that will have you on edge?

Knowing your triggers will help you become assertive, so that you can speak to them.

➖ Take back control

This is your life, everyone is living theirs. Release the past with gratitude. Move on and take responsibility for what you can do. You can’t control how and what people do, but you can control how you respond. You get to decide how you’ll move forward in life.

➖ Define your future

Ask yourself where you want to be. What’s your intention, what’s your purpose? How will you feel when you achieve your goals? When you get to the desired place, what will it allow you to do? Ask yourself these questions as you define your future. It’s your story and you’re the author.

Imagine being in a relay race, you’re standing in place, watching the other sprinters run, they’re running, running, running . . . you’re tee’d up and ready. Runner 1 approaches you and passes the baton over. With gratitude, you take the baton, you hightail it to the finish line. Your life is a sprint. No animosity, no anger, no blame. Take the baton. Rewrite your story. You’re the author. 👆🏾 📝

Watch this video to see how I’m still taking control and writing my own story!

How are you rewriting your story?