Every holiday season for the last 10 years I found myself drowning in idealistic thoughts, hopes, fantasies and wishes of the perfect traditions, perfect families and what life used to be before my mother died. None of those thoughts, hopes, fantasies and wishes can make my life be what it used to be when she was here.

In my (over) thinking an Angel whispered to me, “LIFE IS THE GIFT!” 🎁

THRIVE During the Holidays despite Grief + Loss

THRIVE During the Holidays despite Grief + Loss

On September 23, 2008, my son turned three and I lost my mother— yes, on the same day. Within 6 months of losing my mother, I attended three funerals of close family friends and lost my baby cousin. My world as I knew it was pretty much upside down. 

I grieved silently while struggling with my purpose for living.

The holidays became a tough time for me until I learned that I AM capable of THRIVING if I create MY new normal. 

This holiday season I want to walk the journey with you. 

I’m bringing back my infamous ‘Strategy Saturdays’! This time we’re talking Strategies to THRIVE During the Holidays despite Grief + Loss. 

Read more for the deets.

#BreesTop3 2018 #Holiday Thrive Guide

#BreesTop3 2018 #Holiday Thrive Guide

Ready or not, the 2018 Holiday season is here! 🎄🎁

In case you haven't heard, Microwavable Slippers are the viral gift that everyone's talking about this year . . . 🧦yup, quick zap in the microwave leaves you with ultra-toasty slippers perfect for lounging at home, your chilly office, or for cold car rides to work. Lol. 😂

I’m gonna leave that one, right there . . . lol 😂 This year, why not give them something not just nice, but useful too? 🤔

I’m here for those that want to give meaningful gifts and aren’t trying to break the bank. 💯 🎁

Here’s #BreesTop3 practical and cost-effective things that you ned to add to your list to THRIVE through the Holiday’s into 2019!