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#BreesTop3 2018 #Holiday Thrive Guide

#BreesTop3 2018 #Holiday Thrive Guide

Ready or not, the 2018 Holiday season is here! 🎄🎁

In case you haven't heard, Microwavable Slippers are the viral gift that everyone's talking about this year . . . 🧦yup, quick zap in the microwave leaves you with ultra-toasty slippers perfect for lounging at home, your chilly office, or for cold car rides to work. Lol. 😂

I’m gonna leave that one, right there . . . lol 😂 This year, why not give them something not just nice, but useful too? ðŸ¤”

I’m here for those that want to give meaningful gifts and aren’t trying to break the bank. 💯 🎁

Here’s #BreesTop3 practical and cost-effective things that you ned to add to your list to THRIVE through the Holiday’s into 2019!