You’re Not Ready for 2019

You’re Not Ready for 2019

New Year, new you? 🤔🎉

If I had a dollar for every time I heard that in the last 30 days I’ll be several thousands dollars richer. 🙄🤣 

Seriously, are you ready for the New year?  🤔

What’s one thing that you’re doing to get ready?

Read the blog for deets on what you need to do before 2019.

The Daily Thrive

I received a ton of requests for 1:1 coaching after A Thrive Retreat in July. 

Well, your wish is my command! 😉  

You can join an exclusive group coaching and accountability with me HERE!


No topic or question is off limits in The Daily Thrive — from how to be more consistent, coming up with action plans, working with limiting beliefs, what to do with your next business venture... I am an open book!

You’ll Receive:

  • Exclusive access to all of my Periscope replays
  • Niche Accountability Group
  • Group Workdays
  • Live video calls with ShaBree Henry Ewusi
  • Real-Time Feedback from ShaBree Henry Ewusi
  • Surprise Bonuses

While I only have limited availability for private clients, I came up with this unique alternative.

Click here to register for an introductory VIP rate of only $4.95 monthly!! This offer This offer expires on July 7, 2018 at 11:59PM Est. The price will increase!

If you received a groundbreaking change during my live broadcasts, you cannot afford to miss this unique opportunity!

You owe it to yourself. 

You are worthy of your dreams. 


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P.S. I only have a few slots available ... and there are thousands of you reading this.  

So, let's do this! Grab your spot here.

The Genesis

The Genesis

The Genesis of  are  a series of exclusive virtual girl-chats designed to help you dig deep and rediscover the things that shaped you into the woman you are today. They’ll be held in the month of January and exclusive to the members of the 'and SHE Thrives' community. 

'and SHE Thrives' is a community collective that’s a safe space for women to be empowered in life and business through strategic action plans, truth and transparency. Once inside, we talk freely and openly about life, business, family and so much more. This space is for every woman in every stage of her personal journey. Join the community here.


My #31DaysofFitness

My #31DaysofFitness

Recently I had an epiphany. I knew I had to get my butt up and start moving. If I was expecting a blessing of good health, I had to be willing to get up and work for it.

I decided to put my big girl britches on and do the work. I came up with this bright idea to go live on Periscope while working out for a few times a week. It’s the #31DaysofFitness challenge.

What fitness lifestyle changes are you committing to before the new year? If you need some accountability or support and want in on the fun, make sure that you’re following me on twitter.