Connect ▶️Serve ▶️ Build ▶️ #SocialThrive

Connect ▶️Serve ▶️ Build ▶️ #SocialThrive

Hi, my name is ShaBree. I was born on the island of St. Thomas USVI. I AM the daughter of West Indian immigrants.

⁣Growing up my Mom ALWAYS made me feel like I was the smartest black girl to ever walk this earth. When I felt inadequate she spoke life to my self esteem. When I wanted to do what everyone else was doing she said no!

⁣Lesson—> Not all trends are sustainable. Be UNIQUE. BE intentional. I AM THE MAGIC! ✨⁣

My #SocialThrive Masterclass reminded me of those lessons from Mom. It doesn’t matter where you’re from. The formula to thriving is simple. ▶️▶️▶️ Connect. Serve. Build!⁣

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