Start Again + Thrive

Welp . . . here we go again. It's AUGUST! It's the weekend of the summer ya'll! 

Speaking of weekends, I was beating myself up over the weekend . . . why?

Well . . . I haven’t paid attention to my health goals for the summer. . . Basically, summer is almost over, Winter is coming and . . . you know how the story goes.

I had 2 choices, live in regret or take advantage of August. 

If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one.
~Dolly Parton

So, I'm starting over. It'll help me with CUD.

CUD is the result of starting over.

Are you reluctant to start again?


Today I affirm that I can start again because I need clarity, understanding + direction.

I’m using this #Affirmation as my anchor for the rest of the month.

Speaking of Affirmations have you pre-ordered I Am Thriving



My Dream

My Dream

Let’s be honest. Following your dreams can be tough. Between family, finances, work, health issues and life - so many things can get in the way of our dreams.

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream. His dream is one of the most famously quoted and remembered for many reasons. Life happens, but it’s our personal responsibility to keep pursuing our dreams amidst the challenges. 

I'm sharing 3 practical ways to begin manifesting your dreams today.

Why I'm Ditching my Goals and Making an #ACTIONPLAN

Why I'm Ditching my Goals and Making an #ACTIONPLAN

Big picture planning without creating action fades quickly for me. There’s been many years that were “new” but it was the same old me. I’ve been using what I like to call my ACTION PLAN. I broke down my big picture goals to the month, week and I even use daily plans. Basically, I reversed engineered it. An action plan is the not-so-obvious secret way to achieve your goals.