The Layers of #Grief, #Loss + #Death

The Layers of #Grief, #Loss + #Death

💔😢 Everyone’s response to grief, loss and death will look different.

🤔Did you realize that there are layers to grief, loss and death?

Yes, there are levels.

Did you know that you can grieve because of the loss of things other than death? Loss of any kind triggers grief.

Read the blog to learn more about the 10 layers of grief, loss and death that you may not have realized.

#BreesTop3 2018 #Holiday Thrive Guide

#BreesTop3 2018 #Holiday Thrive Guide

Ready or not, the 2018 Holiday season is here! 🎄🎁

In case you haven't heard, Microwavable Slippers are the viral gift that everyone's talking about this year . . . 🧦yup, quick zap in the microwave leaves you with ultra-toasty slippers perfect for lounging at home, your chilly office, or for cold car rides to work. Lol. 😂

I’m gonna leave that one, right there . . . lol 😂 This year, why not give them something not just nice, but useful too? ðŸ¤”

I’m here for those that want to give meaningful gifts and aren’t trying to break the bank. 💯 🎁

Here’s #BreesTop3 practical and cost-effective things that you ned to add to your list to THRIVE through the Holiday’s into 2019!

Three Things That Helped Me Cope With Grief + Loss During The Holidays

Three Things That Helped Me Cope With Grief + Loss During The Holidays

It’s been nine holidays seasons without my mother and I still think of her and the things that we would have done together. I think of her smile, her laughter, her world renowned macaroni pie and stuffing (lol) and all of her favorite things. I wish that I could roll my eyes one more time because she said, “don’t buy me anything for Christmas, just give me money.” Lol. My mom was truly ‘The Ideal Idena’ — the Proverbs 31 woman. I miss her more than words can describe. 

Nothing can make the emptiness that I feel without her subside. I’ve learned that coping and finding my way back to joy is a choice. 

Here are three practical things that I’ve done over the years to help me to cope with my grief and loss during the holidays.