Every holiday season for the last 10 years I found myself drowning in idealistic thoughts, hopes, fantasies and wishes of the perfect traditions, perfect families and what life used to be before my mother died. None of those thoughts, hopes, fantasies and wishes can make my life be what it used to be when she was here.

In my (over) thinking an Angel whispered to me, “LIFE IS THE GIFT!” 🎁

3️⃣ SIMPLE ways to use #AFFIRMATIONS when you're 🤯 #Overwhelmed, 😫 #Stressed or 🤭 #Anxious

  3️⃣ SIMPLE ways to use #AFFIRMATIONS when you're 🤯 #Overwhelmed, 😫 #Stressed or  🤭 #Anxious

I wanted to quit life several times. I wasn’t suicidal or anything. I was just through with everything. 😫I felt like my life was on speed for the last week. 🤯

Everything that could have went wrong did.


It was one thing after the next. 

I needed a mental break. 😴

I stopped and took some of my own advice. I reminded myself of strategies that I share with my clients. 

Wether it’s the Holidays or you’re just having one of those weeks like me, read the blog for 3 SIMPLE ways to use your words of  #AFFIRMATION when you’re overwhelmed, stress or anxious.

Plus you can watch me cry on livestream. 🤷🏾‍♀️😂