The Genesis

"The Genesis" is a series of exclusive virtual girl-chats designed to help you dig deep and rediscover the things that shaped you into the woman you are today. They’ll be held in the month of January and exclusive to the members of the and SHE Thrives community. 

On Tuesday, January 9th, we'll have Kimberly Lynn breaking down The Genesis of your Inner Child! 

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Kimberly is an Empowerment Program Strategist. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, wife, and mom. She runs a thriving mom blog, a teen girls empowerment program designed to engage, improve, and empower a young girl’s life, and teaches others how to set up their very own empowerment program right in their neighborhood, school, religious institution, or online. Kimberly is a boss mom! Learn more about her at

In this chat she’ll take you on a journey of rediscovering your inner child and how your childhood experiences shaped and will continue to impact your future.

The second virtual girl-chat will be on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 at 7:30pm Est. The topic will be The Genesis of Your Hurts, Habits & Hangups - hosted by Teresa Strong Myrick. RSVP here

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Teresa is a former police officer, victim advocate and child & family counselor.  She has trained police officers as well as domestic violence victim/survivors on the cycle of violence as well as the criminal justice process. Her greatest joy, however, has been helping people in crisis simplify the complicated, and set goals to create a better future. Her personal experience as a homicide survivor (her father was murdered when she was a child), a child growing up in domestic violence and a survivor of child sexual molestation fuels her passion to help others break free from past hurts and create their desired future. She recognizes how those hurts from the past can rob people from really getting to know themselves. 

Sounds fun, right? It will be! YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY TO ATTEND THESE EXCLUSIVE GIRL CHATS. If you know someone that should join the chat, share this group and have them RSVP here.

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Invite a girlfriend, grab a bottle of wine and lets chat! Don’t 👏🏾 miss 👏🏾 it 👏🏾!

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