3️⃣ SIMPLE ways to use #AFFIRMATIONS when you're 🤯 #Overwhelmed, 😫 #Stressed or 🤭 #Anxious

I cried on livestream today y’all. 😥

True story. 
What had happened was . .  .

Everything that could have went wrong did.


It was one thing after the next. 

I wanted to quit life several times. I wasn’t suicidal or anything. I was just through with everything. 😫I felt like my life was on speed for the last week. 🤯 I needed a mental break. 

Then I remembered; to whom much is given, much is required. 

I stopped and took some of my own advice. I reminded myself of strategies that I share with my clients. 

Wether it’s the Holidays or you’re just having one of those weeks like me, here are 3 SIMPLE ways to use your words of  #AFFIRMATION:

1. Write your affirmations

Stop whatever you’re doing. Grab a journal, poster board, sticky note or just verbally throw up on your paper if you need to.

Write what you want to see.

An Affirmation is stating something as true — even if it’s not currently happening.

2. Speak + Record your affirmations

If you’re reading this, I can almost guarantee you have a smartphone and/or access to a voice recorder. It may not feel like it right now, but we’re going to pretend. 

Record your affirmations. 

The moment when you’re frustrated, play that recording.

Some things you will need to do for yourself. No one else may be able to pull you through this moment. SPEAK + RECORD YOUR WORDS OF AFFIRMATION to THRIVE!

3. Use Affirmations in Action

Take action.

Pretend that it has already happened.

I pulled out my favorite sequined holiday blouse, wore my favorite high boots, did my makeup and wore a pair of my favorite earrings. Trust me when I tell you I played dress up in real LIFE. I didn’t feel like I was thriving but I pretended. I CHOOSE to take action as though I already was. 

This Holiday season, you may feel all of the ebbs and flows, and every high and low. Use your words of affirmation to THRIVE.
— ShaBree Ewusi

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Truth is you have everything that you need. Take what you have and make it what you want. 

Want to see my cry on live stream? Watch my periscope replay here. It was raw, but heartfelt.