The Virgin Islands Taught me to “Stop. Look. Go.”

Have you ever lived without electricity, running water and Wifi for an extended period of time?

Welp. Recently I did. I traveled home to the Virgin Islands.

Witnessing the devastation by hurricane Maria & Irma firsthand reminded me that family + community is everything - without them life is meaningless. 💯

The things that we often take for granted — electricity, running water, wifi, a hot plate of food were scarce commodities in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Gererators, fresh seafood, cooking on coal pots were a part of our daily life.

I had a lot of extra time with my thoughts and it forced me to reflect . . . I realized that I am privileged.



Here’s what I learned. . .


Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 7.12.43 PM.png

That’s it. Practice this and you’ll flourish wether good or bad. The Virgin Islanders had a good hang of this after the recent hurricanes.


Be willing to stop, know more and see things differently. When you stop you’ll be guided to what you need. 

The hurricanes caused locals to literally stop living life as usual. The things that really mattered all came to the surface.



Pay attention to the lessons in the assignments. Don’t act like nothing happened.

Don’t act like nothing happened.

If residents were on a hampster wheel before the hurricanes I’m sure that they were forced to come to terms with the reality of life.


Some people lost everything. Literally. Homes, cars, clothing even their loved ones. My heart broke when I heard the story of a mother that was tossed out of her apartment by the vicious hurricane winds. They found her body but have yet to find her two infant children. 


Look around you. Look inside of yourself.  Is there something that you’re avoiding?

You can’t conquer what you don’t confront.


You must show up for what life needs. Everything happens for a reason. Particularly for healing to take place.

The people of the Virgin Islands are resilient and strong.

They will bounce back even better than before. But they must be willing to do the work.

Virgin Islanders are resilient and strong.
They will bounce back!

Are you?

Be willing to do the work.

Healing only comes from action. GO. Go take action.

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Since I had no access to internet for over a week I have lotts to catch up on. I have lots more pictures and videos to share with you. View more images from my trip in the gallery below.

xo, Bree