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Brand Development Strategy

We all have ideas. What sets you apart and will make you successful is the "STRATEGY" used to make your brand shine. 


  • Streamline your ideas
  • Define Your Brand
  • Determine your specialty that sets you apart
  • Identify your niche audience!
  • Develop a Business Plan + Intentional strategy
  • Prioritize your business goals
  • My Brand Developer gives you the complete "HOW" for each targeted area.   
  • What the Brand Developer includes:

  • A 20 minute conference call to outline your goal and objectives
  • 3 Sessions - 1 Hours Each Session
  • Guided Assignments
  • A 1 month and 2 month check-up

Social Media Management

Let's face it. Social Media is king. Creating and maintaining a strong social presence is vital to creating relationships and ultimately leveraging profitable impacts. 


  • Take the guessing out of "How do I get started"
  • Help your brand create a noteable presence on Social Media
  • Manage the initial start-up on Social Media platforms
  • Build engagement and following
  • Leverage social relationships and make them profitable 
  • Quarterly Content Planning

Brand Connoisseur


There are so many options out there. Question is, what’s right for you? No worries, I’ve got you covered. I will help you sort through the options and select the services that will help you Develop your brand. 


  • Virtual Business Assistance
  • Custom artwork/photography and graphic design
  • DIY Website creation
  • Tech training on easy to use platforms
  • Event Planning
  • Brand Launches 
  • Campaign Design

The options are limitless. Let’s chat and talk about a plan that works best for your brand. 

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