Helping emerging brands leverage profitable impacts.

Development + Strategy + Execution



Let's Partner and Develop it!


Most times we don't need a trainer, we need a partner. I get it! I'm ShaBree, your partner with strong development skills.

Before your brand get's to the incubator stage you've got to lay the foundation. Let's hash it out.

  • Define Your Brand
  • Prioritize your business goals
  • Identify your niche audience 
  • Determine your specialty that sets you apart

What’s going to set you apart and make you successful is the “DEVELOPMENT” or “FOUNDATION” used to make your brand shine. Together we will develop a strategic plan for your Brand (or resuscitate your existing business), developing a comprehensive Brand Strategy. My Brand Developer gives you the complete "HOW" for each targeted area. 


Get Clear + Intentional Strategy 


After your brand is defined you've got to share your story. Together we will work on your brand story and creating a strong Social Media business strategy. When these things are clear we can use the appropriate tools to attract your desired audience. 

Brand Identity + Intentional Strategy = Brand Story


Execution = Profits


Like it or not, execution = profits. Learn the do's and don't of executing your plans and turning them into notable profits. Let's do the market research, price your services and create your income streams.